MugenOrMeister/Si Carlos

What’s your prefrence? Wheels or body? Are you serious? You dont ask that question when you see such a beauty like this one right here, this time we upgraded a little more our expectations and we came across this beautiful machine from our friend Juan Carlos that came directly from California. He’s an outstanding and outgoing person and most of all he’s easy to communicate with. We had the chance to to have a closer look at this unique car and the reality is that it’s a “BALLER”, every piece every screw has an ultimate value on this exceptional beast.

PhotosBy StevenHigh / Writer: ChristianLouisRivera

Let’s start talking about their interiors.,”Nardi steering wheel “in conjunction with their “Hub & Quick Release Works Bell” In addition to his “Mugen ShiftKnob & Mugen shifter special addition emblem” ‘Uff… We’re talking about “Mugen” and we’re just indoors. But nothing, Let’s what we came … Now it comes the Good ‘

Talking about “Mugen” like you all see and how people would say on the streets…”The one that knows, knows best.” This Honda Civic has his “Full body Mugen” from it’s “front lip, side skirts, window visors, front grill” even its “spoiler 4 piece authentic mugen” ohh and let’s not forget to mention it’s ” mugen 4th break light, JDM Honda emblems and it’s numerous details and more.
And now presenting what no one is interested in….yeah ok, how can anybody resist one set of rims this amazing, work meister S1 3 piece custom size, rear 18*9 +20 3 1/2″ inch lip and front 18*9 +22 3″ inch lip, Tiffany’s Blue Color” with tires of 21 S /35/18 delintes tires” #DammmBallerYouSay?? In combination with ” coilovers skunk 2 pro SV2, SPC rear camber kit and SPC front camber bolts”.


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