Today we come to a completely “Different”, of which we speak? In a Honda Odyssey 05 ‘On “BAGS” of our friend Carlos, We usually do not show cars with this system, but as I said to Carlos “With you I’ll make a excepsion” For his excellent work. So the Title From the Feature.

Carlos only 4 months with his machine has done good Essential modifications, So much so, that it won its plate 1st Place in the Past HONDA DAY.

How so? Simple, He knew how to spend your money in a comfortable way for him and his family as the Honda Odyssey is daily use and is a family father. Mounting an air system ACCUair e-levelKit and a AirTekk Bags, Beneficial not? comfortable for your family and for your taste without problem.

And do not we forgot to mention their ROHANA-RL10 with its peculiar size 20×10 ET25 allowing that spectacular “Family fitment. Entering a little more, talking about a later ‘I mentioned to Carlos on a” Junction Produce Missions Accesories “and we let you know who is in their plans.


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